The Drinks

Fresh-squeezed orange juice, painstakingly made by your waitress $5.25
Pineapple juice $3.90
Tomato juice $3.90
Mango juice $4.90
Guava juice $4.90 

We have many loose teas, all of which come to you in a nifty silver pot, with a tea-cup
   and strainer. Our uncaffeinated teas are Hibiscus, Spearmint, and Chamomile.

Algiers Special Mint Tea : a mixture of dried mint leaves and some green tea; many people
   have compared this a traditional Moroccan tea  $4.50 
Special Darjeeling $4.25
Hibiscus, a fruity pink tea made from dried hibiscus flowers $4.00
Houseblend black, a mixture of Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Russian, and Early Grey
Orange Pekoe
Irish Breakfast
English Breakfast
Formosa Oolong
Gunpowder Green
Earl Grey
Lapsang Souchong

We've got decaf everything! No extra charge; just ask your waitress.
We're also happy to make your drink with soymilk instead of milk, for an extra 30 cents.

House-blend coffee, strong and with two creamers on the side $2.25
Algiers special mint coffee, made with mint syrup and our coffee, with whipped cream on
   the top $4.25
Viennese : coffee mixed with cinnamon and topped with whipped cream $4.25
Espresso, a demitasse $3.25
Americano : espresso with hot water $3.25
Espresso Romano : espresso with a twist of lemon $4.50
Macchiato : an espresso demitasse topped with dry foam $3.25
Double espresso $4.50
Café au lait : half coffee, half steamed milk $3.75
Café latte : espresso and steamed milk, made fairly dry $4.25
Café latte royale : a café latte made with cream $4.50
Cappuccino : a double espresso topped only with extra-dry foam, one of our specialties
Mocha café : coffee and Ghiradelli chocolate, topped with whipped cream $4.25
Mocha espresso : a long espresso, Ghiradelli chocolate, and steamed milk, with whipped
   cream $4.50
Arabic coffee : finely ground coffee mixed with cardamom, boiled in a copper pot and
   served with a teeny tiny espresso cup $4.75
Turkish coffee : same thing, without cardamom $4.75
Mocha Arabica : an Arabic coffee made with Ghiradelli chocolate $5.75
Hot cider with cinnamon : a delicious cider from Box Mill Farms, steamed and served with
   a cinnamon stick! $4.25
Hot chocolate : steamed milk, Ghiradelli chocolate, topped with whipped cream $4.25
Hot orange mint chocolate : an Algiers specialty, made with mint syrup and orange essence