The Food

Breakfast, served 8a.m. to midnight
You can add extra cheese to any of these breakfasts for $2.00, or extra breakfast meats for $3.00. See our drinks menu for something tasty to sip.
Omelettes: one of the wonders of Algiers, in this waitress's opinion. Somehow the cooks
   manage to make them paper thin and substantial at the same time.
   -Plain omelette with homefries $7.25
   -Omelette with homefries and cheese $9.25
   -Levantine omelette, with parsley, onions, and homefries $10.95
   -Omelette with mixed pickled vegetables and homefries $10.95
Two eggs, cooked any style (scrambled? fried? poached?), with homefries $7.95
Two eggs, cooked any style, with ham, bacon, or sausage $10.95
American toast: whole wheat bread, toasted as it would be in your own toaster
Arabic toast: a whole piece of pita, "toasted" on the grill until crispy and drizzled with oil,
   and served with apricot jam and butter.
French toast: American sliced bread made into French toast, served with sliced fruit and
   maple syrup $9.75
Pancakes, a stack of three, served with maple syrup $9.50
Mediterranean breakfast: a plate of boiled eggs, feta cheese, olives, sliced tomatoes, and
   cucumbers, served with pita bread $10.25
Yogurt, plain $6.25
Yogurt with fruit or honey $8.95
Breakfast pastries! An almond croissant, a plain croissant, a bagel, a blueberry muffin, or a scone $3.50
A breakfast pastry with butter and jam $4.50

All of our sandwiches are rolled in a piece of pita and grilled slightly so that they're crispy on the outside; they're all served with a small salad on the side, and most are also made with hommos, tahini sauce, tomatoes, and leafy greens.
Falafel  $9.95 
Lamb kabob: made with lamb chunks that've been marinated and grilled $12.95
Chicken kabob $10.95
Merguesa: a delicious lamb sausage, made in-house with a secret recipe by our Algerian
   chef/manager $12.95
BLT: bacon, tomato, and greens $9.95 
Cheeeeese: choose from chèvre, camembert, brie, feta, gouda, or swiss $9.95
and Tunafish, which is a little bit of a cop-out, but we'll let you order it anyway  $9.95

Appetizers & Salads
Hommos: chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans) lovingly pureed with tahini (sesame seed oil)
Tabbouli: a mood-lifting mixture of cracked wheat, parsley, green onions, and tomato, all
   finely chopped
Baba ganoosh: like hommos, but made with eggplants; rich and creamy $11.95
Green salad $7.95
Green salad with Bulgarian feta $9.95
Fried eggplant salad: a cold green salad with three warm slices of eggplant, sprinkled with
   sumac $11.95
Combination salad plate: a dinner plate filled with hommos, tabbouli, baba ganoosh,
   mujadarra, and one falafel $15.95
Tuna salad: a green salad with two big scoops of tuna $10.95
Cheese plate: One of the wonders of Algiers! A green salad with pieces of havarti, swiss,
   gouda, brie, camembert, and chevre. $13.95
Peasant salad: One of this waitress's most favorite meals; chopped red cabbage, green
   cabbage, greens, tomato, and cucumber, tossed in a tasty feta-based dressing $9.95
Peasant salad with chicken kabob on the side $15.95
Meat fatayer: a lamejune-like meat pizza topped with ground lamb and beef $9.95
Spinach fatayer: a calzone-like pie filled with a fragrant cooked-spinach mixture $9.95
Cucumber salad: a yogurt-based salad made with chunks of chopped cucumber $7.95

Specialty Plates
Red lentil soup: This is one of the waitresses' most favorite dinners! We could eat it every
   day. Topped with a sprinkle of paprika, served with a lemon wedge and pita bread.
Couscous (or rice) with stewed vegetables $12.95
Falafel plate: four or five falafel with fries and salad $13.95
Mujadarra: lentils and rice cooked together in spices and piled in the center of the plate,
   surrounded by a cold ring of our house-made yogurt $10.95
French fries, a big plate of them $7.95
Merguesa plate: our house-made lamb sausage (also called "merguez"), a typical North African treat served to you with hommos and salad $17.95
Shrimp in a red sauce served over rice, with stewed vegetables $16.95
Lamb kabab: marinated halal lamb pieces, cooked as you like and served with EITHER
   couscous and stewed vegetables OR salad and hommos $17.95
Chicken kabab: chicken pieces served with EITHER couscous and stewed vegetables OR
   salad and hommos $16.95

Lamb chops: four chops cooked as you like and served with EITHER fries and salad OR
   couscous and vegetables $18.95
Hommos ajami: lamb or chicken, either sautéed or barbecued in a delicious red sauce
   with peppers and vegetables, served over hommos $17.95
Steak, cooked as you like with fries and a salad $18.95

An Arabic cookie for $4.00   All the cookies are from Massis Bakery in Watertown, and are
   made with semolina flour and butter. Choose from ghoraiba, a plain and somewhat spicy
   shortbread; apricot mamoul, a melt-in-your-mouth sable with apricot jam; date
   mamoul, with a thick sticky date filling; or pistachio mamoul, with a crumbly pistachio
Crepes--two of them!--for $8.25   These crepes are made lovingly with rosewater and can
   be filled with chocolate sauce, strawberries, whipped cream, or honey.
Chocolate cake, thick and cold and extremely chocolatey,with whipped cream on the
   side (depending on the mood of your waitress) $5.00
Cheesecake, a lovely plain slice, possibly drizzled with chocolate syrup $5.00
Ice cream: three scoops served in a grand silver bowl; your choice of chocolate, vanilla,
   strawberry (all three, or a mixture). $6.00
Pecan pie, served warm or cold $5.00
Biscotti, either chocolate hazelnut or aniseed $4.95
Rice pudding, made in-house and served warm or cold $4.50
Baklava, from a local bakery $5.00